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Essential Protein Peanut Butter

Essential Peanut Butter isolate protein.

For your Lifestyle.


Essentials protein makes a great grab-and- go snack! It aids a busy lifestyle by offering a convenient and tasty way to meet your protein requirements and support your goals.


  • Combine a serving of Essentials protein with cooked oatmeal for a delicious creamy consistency and a boost of flavour
  • Mix a serving of Essentials protein into water or milk and pour over your cereal for a protein infused base.
  • Mix a serving of Essentials protein into coconut or Greek-style yoghurt for a tasty protein pudding.


On-the-go Directions

Mix 33g ( 1 scoop ) with 200-300ml of water. As a snack, before or after training. 2-3 times a day.